Handwritten Equations Solver and Visualizer

Final year project. Web application that can solve and plot Handwritten Polynomial and Linear Equations.

MERN Todo App

A goal setter app built on MERN stack with JWT Authentication

DevCamper API

Backend API for DevCamper application, which is a bootcamp directory website

Feedback App

A feedback app built with React using context API. It also uses a mock server for CRUD functionality.

Polynomial Regression Visualizer.

An interactive web app to visualise linear and polynomial regression using neural newtwork.

Study Buddy

StudyBuddy is discord like website for finding for people to study together. All built with Django


A simple pokedex app built from scratch using HTML CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

Delicious Meals

Responsive landing page for restaurant build with HTML CSS & JavaScript and ScrollReveal JS library

Mini Projects

Landing Pages

Fruity Delight

A landing page for design for fruit company

Starbucks Landing Page

A redesign of Starbucks landing page







Kantipur Engineering College

Bachelor in Computer Engineering
2017 - 2021


Deep Learning with Pytorch: Zero to GANs

An online course offered by in colabration with Freecodecamp, representing approximately 60 hours of coursework

Instructor Aakash NS

AWS Fundamentals Specilization

Four course Specilization on AWS offred by AWS Education on Coursera covering various aspects of AWS services

Instructor AWS Traning

Deep Learning Specilization

Five course Specilization on Deep Learnign offred on Coursera covering topics from foundation of Neural Networks to it's industral application (Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, etc.)

Instructor Andrew Ng


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